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Basement Complete and Partial Remodels

Basement projects create a unique opportunity for bonus space in what is otherwise unused space. In some cases, homeowners are able to almost double the amount of livable space within the home and create great spaces for entertaining, relaxing, or simply getting more utility and storage. Whether you have an unfinished basement, or a basement space that needs refinishing, Solomon Contracting can help make your vision a reality.

Basement remodels often involve more considerations than renovations in other parts of your home. Once your have decided on the best use of your basement space, the overall design will often require a few staging elements that are essential to your project success - these include water proofing, plumbing, and electrical. Rest assured, Solomon Contracting has both the functional and design skills to make your basement project successful.

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Remodeling Experts On Staff

Our Designers have many hours of design experience on CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. We have developed numerous basement and kitchen designs. We specialize in updating older homes with a new redesign to improve space.  How does the design process work? First, an extensive consultation with the customer takes place and then a complete study is made of the entire space.  We make a CAD design of the proposed space whether it be a complete home re-design, addition, kitchen, or a basement finish.   The CAD design gives realistic 3D views of the design concept to share with the customer. Once the final design is approved, the CAD design is converted to a construction blue-print for estimating and construction. The illustration below shows an actual basement build-out from a raw space to a finished basement. 

Design Process Flow

Interior Remodeling

Raw Space

Interior Remodeling

CAD Design

Interior Remodeling


Interior Remodeling

Finished Remodel

interior cad view

Get Started Design Services

Remodeling projects can vary widely in price based on complexity and levels of finishes.  Estimating costs can also be very complicated without a plan in place. A good starting point is to fill out the remodeling questionnaire and send it to our design team. Please visit the link to Good-Better-Best remodeling finishes which will display projects from the simplest finishes to the those with the most complex designs and highest levels of finish. You will find this good, better, best selection in a drop down box on the questionnaire/wish list.  If you would prefer to get started by requesting a free in-home consultation, you can schedule online by clicking the link below, or call our office to make an appointment.

Click the link below to download the questionnaire.  Once you have completed the form, click the submit button on the bottom of the form to return it to our designers via email. Note for Google Chrome users - Chrome's built-in PDF viewer cannot be turned off, and it does not support the wide range of PDF features that Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader supports. You cannot submit forms in Chrome, you will have to download the document and open it in your copy of Acrobat or Reader.

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