Emergency Roof Repair

emergency roof tarp

Roof Emergency? Tarp it Up for as little as $375

Your homeowners policy probably requires you to take reasonable steps to prevent and minimize further damage to your property.  The most common short-term remedy is to apply a tarp to the damaged area of the roof. 

Roofing work requires special safety equipment to ensure that one emergency doesn't turn into two.  The tarps can be slippery, even when dry and it is not recommended that the average home owner attempt to make this repair. 

Solomon Contracting can install an emergency tarp for as little as $375.  Often times, the tarp-up fee is reimbursed by your home owners policy.

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What Our Customer's Say....

Thanks again to you and Leeann for making this a much more pleasant experience in light of the stressful situation dealing with insurance companies, etc. I would highly recommend your company to my friends and neighbors.

Janet Mueller- Relieved customer


Solomon Contracting holds manufacturer certifications for all of the roofing and most remodeling materials we install.  This means the work we do will be installed to manufacturer's specifications.  We offer a 5 year warranty on installation along with associated Manufacturers warranties.


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