Exterior Painting

A Recent Exterior Painting Project

Doctor in Ballwin - Exterior Repair and Refinish


Chipping and Peeling


The paint on the exterior trim work was old, dirty, and peeling. In this case, it is necessary to scrape the old paint away, fill as needed with caulk, sand, prime and finish with a high quality exterior paint.


Fresh White Really Pops!


It's amazing how much the curb appeal is improved by refinishing the white exterior trim, pillars, and deck rails. Now you see a nice contrast against the beauty of the brickwork.


Brand New Door


After finishing off the upper deck, exterior trim, and pillars, we installed a brand new front door. The first impression of the home is defined by the entryway. Now the entrance is very inviting and modern.

Here's what this Doctor in Ballwin has to say about us:

Brad and Tom are great painters.  They exceeded my expectations.

What Our Customer's Say....

I love the new window... that's what I'm talking about it's beautiful (underlined 3 times)!!! That window is going to the give the kitchen a whole different flavor. I hope I'm not driving you crazy, but we are getting there. Things are really starting to fall into place. I appreciate you taking care of things as I call them to your attention. (from a hand written note)

Janice- Love my Windows!


Solomon Contracting holds manufacturer certifications for all of the roofing and most remodeling materials we install.  This means the work we do will be installed to manufacturer's specifications.  We offer a 5 year warranty on installation along with associated Manufacturers warranties.


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