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Quality Contracting at Competitive Rates

Solomon Contracting provides professional bathroom remodeling services.  We also design and construct complete new bathroom build-outs.  The work we do will always be performed to industry standards and specifications.  We offer a 5 year warranty on installation along with any associated Manufacturers warranties.  WE also offer "Design Contracts" for bathroom remodeling projects.



We aren’t just going to replace the grout on your bathroom tile. Solomon Contracting can help you design your bathroom remodel and work with you to find the materials and products that fit your budget and your design wishes.

The design contracts we offer encompass the full scope of the project and take into consideration budget concerns as well as our customers’ desires. It’s something that sets us apart from our competitors and our customers love it.

Once the design is decided and agreed upon, we move on to the building contract. Our building contracts are separate from the design, so it’s possible you could take the design contract to a different contractor, but who better to remodel your bathroom than the contracting company that worked so closely with you to design it?

Solomon’s design process flow looks like this:

Meet with Client
Our designer and project manager meet with you to understand what you’d like to accomplish with your bathroom remodel.
Design  We work closely with you to find the materials and specs you want and make sure they align perfectly with your remodel budget.
Build  Offer the building contract and make the design a reality.

The fee for a design estimate is 5% of the lower end of the expected contract buy. For example, if the project estimate is $10,000-15,000, then the design fee is 5% of the $10,000.

Why isn’t the design estimate free? We’re going to work closely with you to make this full-scope design the best it can be. We’ve been doing this for 30 years and we know our way around a bathroom remodel. But if you want to take the design to a different contractor, you can.

We charge a fee for our design contract because we value our expertise and the amount of time we spend working with our customers to design the perfect bathroom remodel.



We have grown and perfected our technical expertise over the last 30 years and our customers know it from the moment they meet us for an estimate. It’s why they feel comfortable recommending us to their neighbors.
We’ll work with you from the beginning of the project through the end, making sure we’re staying in budget and remodeling your bathroom the way you envisioned with our manufacturer certified teams.
If you let us build your dream, we’ll protect it with our workmanship warranties.

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