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Chimney chase covers protect your chimney and home from water damage. We like to install stainless steel ones.  Our chimny cover will be the last one you ever buy for your house.

Solomon Contracting provides professional chimney chase cover repair and replacement services.  We also install new chimney chase covers.  The work we do will always be performed to industry standards and specifications.  We offer a 5 year warranty on installation along with any associated Manufacturers warranties.



Customized to Your Preferences

It’s a chilly night and you’re thinking of lighting a log in the fireplace. Make the house all cozy.

You go to light the fire, and as you’re just about to touch flame to wood, a bird flies out of the fireplace! How did the bird get in there?!  And that’s how you discover that your chimney chase cover isn’t working anymore.  It was supposed to last for a long time and fit snugly around your metal chimney, but it’s rusted through after a few years of use. And now a bird is flying around your living room when all you wanted to do is watch TV by the fire.

Once you get the bird out of your house, give Solomon Contracting a call. We’ll come out and fit a custom chimney chase cover made out of stainless steel. It won’t rust and it’s essentially maintenance free, making it the best choice for homeowners who don’t want to worry about animals and moisture getting into their chimney.

Our 30 years of experience and workmanship warranties mean that we really know what we’re doing and you can count on us to do the job right the first time.



It’s All in the Details

It just makes sense, right?  A chimney chase cover is a metal shield for your chimney that prevents rain, melting snow, and anything else, like birds, squirels, bees, mice, and so one from using your chimney as a door into your home.  So, why would you make it out of a metal that will rust as soon as any water touches it?  Many contractors use galvanized chimney chase covers, but they only last 7-9 years. Then they’re going to rust and allow water to leak into your home, causing even more problems like mold growth and a rotting firebox – costing you even more money and trouble.

Solomon Contracting will make you a custom chase cover made of stainless steel.

A custom, stainless steal chase cover is the best choice because:

  • It’s maintenance free

  • Doesn’t stain

  • Doesn’t leak

  • Can withstand storms, ice, and heavy snow



Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.

We have grown and perfected our technical expertise over the last 30 years and our customers know it from the moment they meet us for an estimate. It’s why they feel comfortable recommending us to their neighbors.

For all your exterior remodeling needs, our team will work with you from the beginning of the project through the end, making sure we’re staying in budget and replacing your chimney chase cover the way you envisioned with our manufacturer certifications.

If you let us build your dream, we’ll protect it with our workmanship warranties.

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