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Solomon Contracting provides professional kitchen design and remodeling services.

Solomon Contracting provides professional kitchen remodeling services.  We also design and construct complete new kitchen build-outs.  The work we do will always be performed to industry standards and specifications.  We offer a 5 year warranty on installation along with any associated Manufacturers warranties.

75% of our business is existing or refered from existing clients who trust Solomon Contracting

Family in the Kitchen


Customized to Your Preferences

Your kitchen isn’t just for cooking anymore. It’s the bustling central hub of your home. It’s where you make holiday dinners and school lunches for your kids. Maybe your grandkids sit at the counter and do homework while you’re making their favorite meal.
With open floor plans being the fashionable thing, kitchens are an integral part of your living space – not just where the person in charge of cooking goes to slave over the hot stove.
Your kitchen is a room you want to be able to show off when people visit, but it’s also one of the rooms in which you spend the most time whether you realize it or not.
Remodeling your kitchen is an investment. Whether you’re looking to sell your house soon or you’re there to stay, a kitchen renovation is a surefire way to add long-term value to your home. Homebuyers are on the hunt for new kitchens because they don’t want to renovate it themselves.
If you’re not selling any time soon, a new kitchen is a gift to yourself that will make your life easier in the long run. It’ll make entertaining easier, cooking more fun, and your house more beautiful.
Plus, you can finally fix the little things that have been bothering you about your kitchen since you moved in. Why isn’t there enough counter space next to the stove? Or the sink is in an awkward spot and the counter tops are a color you hate.
Wouldn’t you just love to fix those little things and make your kitchen perfect.
Since you decided to remodel, you’ve looked at so many granite counter top options and searched for the perfect backsplash. And don’t forget the cabinets.
But who is going to make your dream kitchen a reality?
Solomon Contracting has been making houses dream homes for the past 30 years. We’re a full-service contracting company who will work with you from design phase through completion of the project. We’re extremely proud that 75% of our existing customers were referred by past customers and we’d love to show you our superior customer services.

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