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Windows, Doors & Skylights

     If you had a giant hole in the side of your house, you’d fix it right away, right? A leak that makes the inside of your home uncomfortable is a problem you just can't ignore. Repairing or replacing leaking under performing windows and doors can change the whole dynamics of the inside of your home.

     All of the tiny cracks letting in cold air add up to alot more than you think.  But since they’re spread out, you don’t see it that way. Your utility bills are probably higher than they should be and you have to put on thick socks and two sweaters even though you’re inside your house.

The best and most effective way is replacing old window and doors.  If you have single pane glass windows with storm windows.  Or you have improperly install vinyl windows.  Or, if you have aluminum windows with no storm windows.  Or historic wood windows and you need the historic look without the air drafts and cold spots.  You would benefit greatly by replacing your windows and doors with modern insulated products that have a real R-Value to them.  Solomon partners with well known vinyl and wood window and door manufacturers.  Our craftsmen are experienced window and door intallers.  New windows and doors are going to add a lot of value to your home. 


     If you have thought about installing some or all of your windows and doors,  we are confident that you will be completely satisfied with the change in indoor comfort.   Please give us a call for a quote for replacements or repairs to your windows and doors.  We are experts at sealing out the drafts.

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