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We are thrilled to inform our customers of Marvin's Window & Doors latest innovation in window technology: CLiC™ Switchable Privacy Glass, developed through a partnership between Marvin and Cardinal Glass Industries. This revolutionary product is set to redefine the way you experience privacy and natural light in your home.

CLiC™ glass utilizes a proprietary liquid crystal technology that enables seamless transitions between clear and privacy settings in less than a second. When in the clear state, the liquid crystals align to provide a crystal-clear view from edge to edge and any angle. Conversely, in the privacy state, the liquid crystals scatter to create a uniform diffused illumination across the glass surface, offering privacy while still allowing ample natural light to enter your space.

Marvin Modern direct glaze windows equipped with CLiC™ glass can be effortlessly operated using a wall-mounted switch or integrated with home automation systems for added convenience and control.

David Goulet, Marvin’s vice president of R&D and product development, highlights the significance of this innovation in modern home design, stating, "As many homeowners continue to gravitate toward modern home designs, large expanses of glass and uninterrupted sight lines are critical elements of that design philosophy. Leveraging the benefits of switchable privacy glass is an ideal way to stay true to modern design principles while enjoying the ease of opening up or closing off the view from a space at the push of a button."

At Solomon Contracting, we share Marvin's commitment to modern design principles and are excited to offer CLiC™ Switchable Privacy Glass to our customers. Elevate your home to the next level and become the talk of the town with switchable views that seamlessly blend privacy and natural light.

Schedule an appointment with us 24/7 online at or by calling 314-890-8000. We look forward to creating a Solomon solution for your windows and doors with the latest in innovative technology.


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