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Why does the Solomon Satisfaction Guarantee Matter?

Craftsmanship is more than just a buzzword at Solomon Contracting—it's a commitment that runs deep in every facet of our operations. As the COO, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of true craftsmanship in construction and renovation. What sets us apart isn't just our decades of experience or our extensive knowledge of roofing, remodeling, and maintenance; it's our unwavering dedication to quality.

At Solomon Contracting, craftsmanship begins with our founder, Mark Solomon, whose roots in roofing stretch back to his days as an installer of fiberglass shingles, clay tile, and slate, TPO roofing, and many more flat roof types, when he was a young man. His expertise sets the standard for our team, ensuring that every project, from maintaining century-old structures to installing state-of-the-art roofing systems, meets our exacting standards.

Take, for example, our Exterior Department led by Ricardo, a seasoned supervisor with over 35 years of dedication to his craft and to Mark Solomon. Ricardo oversees every detail of flat and steep-slope roof installations, employing techniques honed through manufacturer training and rigorous safety certifications. His ability to shape metal into intricate fascia and window trims exemplifies the artistry we bring to every job site. Ricardo is a true craftsman.

In our Remodeling Department, a team of seasoned craftsmen brings blueprints to life with meticulous attention to detail. Whether it's custom carpentry, precise trim installation, or the construction of intricate decks or the installation of windows, their work reflects the pride and precision that define Solomon Contracting.

Behind the scenes, our Production Coordinators, Melissa and Angela, are the heartbeat of our operation. They ensure seamless project execution and unparalleled customer service, embodying craftsmanship in their meticulous planning and flawless coordination.

Even our CFO, Andy, contributes to our ethos of craftsmanship by ensuring the financial health that supports our ongoing pursuit of excellence. Which we feel is good for our customers too.

In a world where craftsmanship is often sacrificed for speed or cost, Solomon Contracting stands as a beacon of quality. Our commitment to delivering not just functional buildings, but enduring works of art, speaks volumes about who we are as a company. We believe that true craftsmanship isn't just about what you build; it's about how you build it—and the character and integrity that shine through in every interaction.

So, if you're considering a roofing or building project, remember this: not all contractors are created equal. Choose Solomon Contracting, where craftsmanship with character isn't just a promise—it's a way of doing business that has defined us for decades.


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