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AARP HomeFit Guide

America’s housing stock doesn’t fit a rapidly changing and rapidly aging population.

That’s where the AARP HomeFit Guide comes in. The 36-page, fully-illustrated guide is about homes not houses. 

Missouri Department of Health
and Senior Services

Missouri has 10 Area agencies on aging that cover every county in the State. The Area Agencies on Aging are the local experts regarding programs and services in their local areas. Programs and services are designed by the Area Agencies on Aging to meet the needs of the individuals in their planning and service areas. 

Aging in Place Statistics
While aging in place is preferred by the vast majority of adults and can bring a host of psychological and physical benefits, older adults require community support in order to age in place safely and with dignity. In this commentary, we review the demographic changes and characteristics of older adults nationally

Live Life to the Fullest from the Comfort of Your Home

Baby boomers – those of us born between 1946 and 1964 – have steered economic trends for decades and have the highest rate of homeownership in the country, approximately 80 percent. Now, as the oldest members of the generation edge into their 70s, they are deciding to stay in their homes. 

Aging in place remodeling is an important step in achieving successful aging in place. Solomon's remodeling services are designed to help make your home more accessible and comfortable. We can install non-slip flooring, widen doorways, and install grab bars in showers so that you can stay safe and independent in your home. We can also install wheelchair ramps, threshold ramps, low thresholds, low-pile carpets, and other features that can make your home more accessible. All of our services are tailored to your individual needs, so you can rest assured that we will create a safe and comfortable home for you.  It changes everything, when your home is build around your individual design needs.

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