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Home Elevators


  • Studies show that those who age at home are generally happier and may live longer. Aging at home allows homeowners to retain their most valuable possession and live with a sense of independence. Some must live at home due to a lack of other options, but overall, more seniors are electing to work until a later age and live at home for as long as possible.

  • There are many benefits to aging at home, but in order to enjoy these benefits, seniors and families must invest in modifications to make this lifestyle safe and convenient.

  • Another and an essential reason to add a residential elevator is to maintain independence. As you or your loved one continues to age, limited mobility and medical issues will arise. A trip or a fall up or down the stairs can cause you or your loved one’s independence to decrease.  A home elevator can help you restore your independence and allow you to travel freely up and down the levels of your home.

  • Modifications to Allow Aging at Home

  • There is no escaping the fact that as people age, they will face physical limitations and impairments. For example, senior citizens are at a high risk of serious injury resulting from falls. Home modification techniques can prevent falls and debilitating injuries. While some may hesitate to install something like a home elevator, these additions become necessary if a person wishes to age at home. Some may wonder, “Are home elevators safe?” The fact is that an elderly person is far more likely to be injured on stairs or steps than in an elevator, and following a few elevator safety guidelines can make the experience nearly risk-free, especially when compared to the risks of climbing stairs.  Let Solomon Contracting help you make the best selections on where and how to install an elivator in your home today.


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