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Reimagine your Home

Solomon Contracting, Inc. is the perfect partner for your aging in place remodeling needs. Our highly qualified team can help you re-think your floor plans, move your master suite, and convert your closet into a laundry room, making your home an even more comfortable and enjoyable space.

The spriral staircase made me rethink my living arrangements

It was the spiral staircase that prompted Pender McCarter to reconsider his situation.

“I’d lived in my 600-square-foot condo in Dupont Circle for 35 years and loved the spiral staircase, but when I turned 75, I realized that I needed to rethink my living arrangements,” says McCarter, a retired public-relations executive. So last year he moved into a one-level, two-­bedroom co-op in Dupont Circle that has a 24-hour front desk and access to cleaning services—helpful for an older person who lives alone.

Before McCarter made his move, he also looked at traditional retirement communities; cohousing communities; and “life plan” communities, which contain independent living, assisted living, skilled-nursing centers, and memory care in one development.

“In the end, I chose to age in place be­cause I didn’t want to leave my neighborhood,” says McCarter. “I like the idea of being surrounded by people of all ages.”

Like many older adults, McCarter watched senior communities go on lockdown during the pandemic and realized that in the future he’d rather have the freedom to make his own choices about socializing.​






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