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Your house has been through a lot.  We can help with Exterior Remodeling including painting.

With the ever-changing weather in St. Louis, it’s constantly freezing and unfreezing, bracing itself against the wind, and staying strong in the face of hail crashing down on it. Then, the hot summer suns bakes the outside of your house to a crisp.

St. Louis is full of sturdy, vintage homes that have stood the test of time and weather for decades or even centuries. The bones are strong, but the face could use some love to return it to its former glory.

Hiring a professional house painter can be expensive, but the investment will pay off when your exterior paint job lasts for a long time and your house looks brand new. You might be looking at the peeling paint on your house and thinking, ”I could repaint that myself,” but can you really?

Painting a house is not a one-ladder job. You’ll need scaffolding at the very least, so that’s another cost to factor in. Plus, the danger of working on scaffolding should only be risked by the professionals who have experience. Oh, and don’t forget that age-old phrase, ”if you want it done right, you should hire a professional to do it.”

You don’t want to rush into an exterior painting project, because you’re going to be stuck with it for a long time. There are a few things you should consider before repainting your house:

-       What is the material on the outside of your house?

The type of paint varies depending on what your house is made of. A flat surface like siding or wood calls for standard outdoor paint. But if you’re painting a texture surface like stucco or brick, you want a paint that will stretch more than normal paint.

-       What’s the climate like?

Oil-based paint is more durable against changes in temperature, wind, and rain, but sunlight tends to degrade it. Latex paint is more suitable for dry climates – so, not in St. Louis! In a damp or humid environment, you might consider mold-resistant paint to further protect your house. The experienced professionals at Solomon Contracting can help you figure out what kind of paint works best for your home.

-       Exterior paint serves a dual purpose

Unlike interior paint, exterior paint needs to do more than just look beautiful. It’s also a barrier against the elements. You want the finished product to last for years to come so that your investment pays off in the long run.



Painting the outside of your home is a little more complicated than you might realize. It isn’t just a matter of scraping a little loose paint and then brushing new paint onto siding. Exterior home painting and paint refinishing takes finesse and years of experience to get right.

What You Can Expect from Professional Painters

  • Remove loose paint, dirt, and debris with a power washer.

  • Sand and scrape all areas with peeling or loose paint.

  • Fill all holes and cracks to create a uniformly smooth surface.

  • Carefully protect all home features and plants with tape and tarps.

  • Expertly paint your home the perfect color.

  • Final touch-up of details and thorough cleanup.



We have grown and perfected our technical expertise over the last 30 years and our customers know it from the moment they meet us for an estimate. It’s why they feel comfortable recommending us to their neighbors.

Our team will work with you from the beginning of the project through the end – from design to done – making sure we’re staying in budget for your exterior paint job.

We protect you and our work with both manufacturer and workmanship warranties, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

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