Maintaining the exterior of your home and its structural integrity prevents costly repairs down the road. Also, a well-maintained exterior is important and not only helps with curb appeal but can also improve your home’s value.  

Solomon Contracting's "Preventive Home Maintenance Program" ensures that your buildings envelope is sealed from moisture and air infiltration. Areas inspected include; the roof and all of its components, the roof ventilation system, masonry, siding, fascia, soffits, foundations, weather stripping, painting and caulking condition.  Then, repairs made per program as needed. The attention to the little details like caulking hair-line cracking at window sills or door sills is what keeps your indoor comfort at its best plus, your building materials are protected from moisture.  Our Home Maintenance Program preserves the integrity of the building’s exterior envelope, by protecting the building materials from moisture and wood decay to air infiltration and indoor people comfort. 

Then, we soft wash your home completely.

Solomon Contracting uses an approach called soft washing to clean your St. Louis area exterior. This method combines a low-pressure washing system with cleaning compounds that remove buildup, kill mold and algae, and wash your siding and other exterior building surfaces clean. We are 100% committed to using soft washing to clean your St. Louis area home. Since it doesn’t use the high pressures that power washing does, it’s a safer solution to restore your siding. It also allows our technicians to focus on using a detailed approach, rather than brute force, to clean the outside of your home.  Your windows will look much better with a soft wash also.

The most common reason for building failure is neglect.  An annual inspection of the building shell gives us a chance to fix those small little honey does before they become.  Through annual inspections and cleaning, Solomon Contracting can uncover small problems and fix them, before they become big problems. 

Make sure your home is ready for the St. Louis weather extremes

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Your Home Maintenance Inspection


Mark Solomon


Solomon Home Preventive

Maintenance Program 

Maintenace Program members receive 5% on any repairs or projects

All Solomon Home Maintenance Programs start with a complete home inspection.  The same one that you will receive at our annual visits.  We just want to identify areas that might not meet our program requirements.  Once that inspection is complete, your inspector will present you with a program proposal/ contract.  Once the program is started, you schedule when you want your annual visit to take place.  Then we show up!

The base program covers any home up to 2800 sq ft for the cost of $975.00 per year for the below program inspection points. 

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  Base Program up to 2800 sq ft- $975 per year                  Program Discounts Apply to Larger Homes Multiple Year Programs

2yr program- 10% annual savings                                     Larger Homes Base Prices for 1 year- 3000 sq ft- $1,044 annually

3yr program- 15% annual savings                                                                                      3500 sq ft- $1,218 annually

4yr program- 20% annual savings                                                                                      4000 sq ft- $1,392 annually

5yr program- 25% annual savings                                                                                      4500 sq ft- $1,566 annually


Roofing, Roof Flashing, Roof Penetrations

  1. As roofing is being inspected, any small repairs will be fixed on the spot by the inspector and noted.  

  2. Not intended to repair major areas.  Preventive maintenance.

  3. All skylights will be inspected for proper flashing.  Any minor repairs to flashing or sealing, repaired as needed.

  4. Damaged shingles, will not be replaced unless there is a very small number 

        and the homeowner has the replacement material to match.

  • Damaged or worn exhaust vents or soil stacks penetrating the roof membrane will be noted, but not replace. 

  • If replacement is needed a separate quote will be provided

  • Any loose roof flashing will be replaced or re-attached as needed.

Chimney, Masonry, Flatwork, Foundation & Flashing

  1. The intent of the masonry section is to stay ahead of the decay of mortar joints.  

  2. The program only covers the reporting of problem areas in the annual report along with a proposal for those repairs.

  3. As masonry/ flashing is inspected small repairs may be made so detail operates as intended.

  4. Program does not include any concrete flatwork, foundation, concrete stairs, walkway repairs.  Only a report of the condition of concrete surfaces for the customers information for any preventive maintenance projects.

Vinyl Fascia, Soffits, Siding, Stucco, Stone, Wood Moldings/ Aluminum

  1. Inspection of vinyl siding, aluminum fascia's and soffits.  Only minor re-attaching if a component is loose.  Not redoing a complete side of building.

  2. Stucco, stone or other such surfaces will be caulked as needed to make weather tight to connecting surfaces based on standard installation practices.

  3. Where wood to wood or masonry come together, we will ensure that there is a complete caulking joint for weather tightness.


Painted Surfaces & Caulking of Windows & Doors

  1. Any wood trim areas around entry doors, windows will be sanded, spot primed and painted to match as close as possible.

  2. Painting repairs only intended to keep exposed bare wood protected preventing air and water infiltration and wood rot.  This is only intended to keep exposed bare wood protected regularly, preventing further wood deuteriation.

  3. Any wood to wood or masonry painted surfaces will be caulked as needed prior to painting

  4. All windows and doors inspected for hairline cracking or missing caulking.  To prevent weather infiltration preventing wood rot and air infiltration.  As needed.  Only intended to make window or door openings weather tight.


Gutters, downspouts & Drainage

  1. All gutters cleaned on building up to 3 stories in rear.  Other gutter conditions will be by separate proposal.

  2. All gutters will flow as intended and drain as intended.

  3. No inground drain tile clean outs included.  If needed separate proposal will be presented.

  4. Any gutter or downspouts that are loose from building will be re-secured as part of the program.

  5. Gutters and aluminum fascia hand washing is not included in the maintenance program.  Separate proposal for hand wash.


Annual Complete Soft wash all Building Exterior Surfaces

  1. Completely soft wash complete house wall surfaces to include, fascia’s, soffits, gutters and downspouts, siding, stucco, brick masonry on building including chimneys.  

  2. Windows will be sprayed and screens will be sprayed to remove dirt, but not to clean windows.  However, soft wash does leave your exterior windows very clean.

  3. Decking will be rinsed only.  No power washing to remove peeling paint or wood rot.  Only to remove light dirt and mildew.

  4. The wash will remove all mildew and mold from the building’s surfaces.  No roof washing.  Separate proposal

    • Concrete surfaces are not included in the house wash.  Sidewalks, patios, porches, landscape stones, roofing and etc.


Entry Doors and Garage Doors

  1. All entry doors and garage doors will be inspected for proper weatherstripping.  Proper weatherstripping ensures less air infiltration which save you heating and cooling dollars.

  2. Any caulking around either of these door systems will be repaired as needed to prevent any wood from decaying.

  3. Any weather stripping from entry doors that is damaged or in need of replacement will be replaced as part of the program benefits.

  4. Inspect exterior door hardware; fix squeaky handles and loose locks, loose hinges and adjust threshold strip if needed.

  5. Any garage door weatherstripping that is in need of replacement will be replaced as part of the program.  Includes the bottom door weatherstripping.

  6. Lubricate all garage door rollers and tracks.  Does not include garage door operator equipment.

  7. Any windows that appear to need weatherstripping that can be repaired will be.  If repair is larger a separate proposal will be presented if needed.


Smoke Alarm Batteries Replaced

  1. From the initial building inspection, we identified all of the smoke alarms in your home.  We will replace all of the once per year on your annual visit.


Annual Deck Inspection Report

  1. We will annually inspect the railing on the deck platform and the railings on stairs for proper attachment and stability for safety

  2. We will inspect all piers, support posts, support beams, joists and decking for any structural defects for safety.

  3. Inspect the decks connection to the building.  Ensuring that the deck is not separating from the main structure.

  4. All carriage bolts on existing deck will be checked for tight and secure.  

  5. The program does include tightening loose deck carriage bolts once per year or as needed.

  6. Your report will also state the condition of the deck and railing surface protective coatings.


Building Inspection of Conditions & Repairs Report 

  1. In our annual visit, we will be inspecting and maintain specific areas of your building as part of our program.  If we make small repairs, we want you to know what has been repaired.  It's a good indicator of where the building is wearing the hardest.  This kind of information can be used in preventive maintenance projects 

  2. The report includes a written annual roof inspection of conditio

  3. Includes complete inspection of the masonry and chimney cap

  4. Clients with active "Solomon Home Maintenance Programs" will always receive 5% off on all repairs and project proposals