What are the Benefits of a Care Free Building Maintenance Program?

Peace of mind.  How much is a complete maintenance program gives you peace of mind worth to you?  Your biggest investment is your home.  Wouldn't it be a great feeling to know that your home is being maintained properly by a professional contractor?

Regular home inspections and proper scheduled maintenance prevents larger repair bills to your home's structure and operataing equipment.

You will enjoy improved home energy efficiency and comfort.

Proper maintenance of operating equipment and cleaning prolong the life of the equipment in your home.

All Home Maintenance Program customers receive a 5% discount for all remodeling and repair projects as long as you maintain your plan.

Free upgrades to a lifetime architectural shingle for any complete roof replacement.

We offer 24-hour emergency services.

Priority appointment scheduling for all of our program customers.

Solomon Contracting, Inc. specializes in home maintenance and home repairs. 

We also do exterior home renovations including roofing, siding, soffit and fascia, window and door replacement, tuckpointing, new gutters, gutter guards, deck building and repair and painting and staining.

24 hour emergency service and tarp off servcie for roof leaks.


Our Base Plan

You will receive a 14 point 1 annual inspection and maintenance cleaning.

  1. Inspect roof shingles for overall condition.​

  2. Inspect roof/attic system for proper air intake and exhaust for proper ventilation.

  3. Inspect the chimney crown for cracks or leaks.

  4. Inspect skylight seals, flashing and glass condition.

  5. Remove any debris from the roof and valleys.

  6. Inspect all sides of the house for straight appearance.

  7. Inspect the siding for cracking, animal infestation.

  8. Inspect all painted surfaces for flaking, blistering, pealing.

  9. Inspect any stucco for cracking.

  10. Inspect all entry doors and windows for overall operation and weather seal efficiency.

  11. Thoroughly clean out all gutters and downspouts and inspect for proper drainage.

  12. Inspect the overall condition of the foundation and flatwork for cracking and movement.

  13. Inspect all smoke detectors for proper operation and install new batteries.

  14. Spray entire exterior and interior of the basement for bugs.  No finished spaces.



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Our Better Plan

Our Better plan includes;

  1. Everything included in the base plan plus;

  2. Complete house power wash on your anniversary date.

  3. All windows cleaned after the power wash on 1 interior and 1 exterior surface.

2 pymts of $497.50



Our Best Plan

The Solomon

Peach of Mind Plan

The Solomon Peace of Mind Package includes the Good and the Better packages plus you will receive;

  1. Clean and Lubricate all sliding door tracks and entry door & interior door hinges.

  2. Lubricate the garage door track system and opener to ensure proper operation.

  3. Inspect all floor drains for proper operation.

  4. Inspect and clean the furnace filter.

  5. Inspect and clean the AC unit A coils.

  6. Inspect the electrical panel and lubricate all GFI breakers for proper operations.

  7. Inspect the hot water heater and water softener for proper operation and remove any lime buildup in the hot water heater tank if applicable.

  8. Inspect the foundation for proper water drainage away from the building.

2 pymts of $697.50