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Fall Maintenance for Smart Homeowners

Mark Solomon- Owner

No matter what part of the U.S. you live in, winter has its own challenges for homeowners. Here are some fall maintenance jobs smart homeowners do to make sure their homes are all set for winter.

Check and clean gutters-

Gutters can collect leaves and debris over the summer and fall. Clean them to make sure wintertime rain or snow don't cause problems.

Inspect the roof-

Check for missing, curled, or cracked shingles. Look for damaged metal flashing around vents, chimney, and in valleys.

Seal air leaks-

Air leaks around windows and doors let in cold air and make air conditioning work harder when it's warm outside. Also check entry points for electrical cables, phone and gas line entries into the building. Close up all gaps with caulking or weatherstripping.

Check the HVAC System

Have your local HVAC company inspect your furnace and central air system to make sure everthing is functioning safely and efficiently. Replace the furnace filter. Clean the enctral humidifier if you have one, so it can eliminate the dry winter air that's tough on skin, breathing and wood furniture.

Have your chimney cleaned-

A major coue of winter house fires is the buildup of creosote in chimneys. Hire a chimney sweek before your first fire of the season.

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors-

Test units and change batteries once per year.

Clean the yard-

Remove large dead tree branches. Rake leaves and dead grass and mow. Overseed bare patches by putting seed over existing grass to help germination. If you want the best lawn, aerate and fertilizer is advised. Get advice from your local garden center. Service your irrigation system if you have one for the winter around November 1st. If no sprinkler system, put hoses and sprinklers away, close sut off valves, open the spigots to drain and install syrofoam covers if faucets aren't freeze proof.

Fix walkways, steps, patios and drives-

Look for cracks, uneven sections, and loose railings. Check for damaged asphalt or washed out gravel paths. Fix them yourself or hire Solomon Contracting.

Touch up exterior paint-

This helps prolong the life of your builidng materials such as siding, trims, stairs, porch floors, and decks. Most water based paints should be only applied in temperatures above 45-50 degrees.


Our Maintenance Programs Annual Building Inspection is designed to help you find small problems before they get big. We will provide you with an annual report on the condition of your building, allowing you to take the necessary steps to keep it in its best shape. This service ensures that all parts of your building are inspected and maintained properly.


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