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Product Review-CertainTeed Landmark Shingles

Solomon Contracting favors CertainTeed shingles, although we do accommodate other brands upon customer request. Drawing from our extensive 36 years of experience in the roofing industry, we believe CertainTeed's Landmark product stands out as a top-tier shingle on the market, and we aim to share our positive experiences with manufacturers to ensure you receive the best quality.

Product Overview: CertainTeed Landmark Shingles CertainTeed's Landmark shingles are a highly sought-after choice for homeowners seeking durability and aesthetic appeal in their roofing. These shingles boast a dual-layer design, featuring a robust fiberglass base and a protective outer layer that collectively provides exceptional protection against various weather elements. With a Class A fire resistance rating from Underwriters Laboratories, Landmark shingles assure homeowners of a safe and reliable option against fire hazards. The inclusion of StreakFighter® algae resistance also guards against unsightly black streaks caused by algae growth. Available in a range of colors, Landmark shingles cater to diverse home aesthetics. The multi-layer design ensures superior weather protection, contributing to the longevity and resilience of the roof. Installation is made seamless with self-sealing adhesive strips and the NailTrak® feature, providing clear nailing targets for contractors to achieve a professional finish. Capable of withstanding winds up to 110 mph, Landmark shingles are composed of a durable fiberglass mat base, coated with asphalt, and embedded with ceramic-coated mineral granules for added protection. The shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

CertainTeed's Landmark Shingle Warranty Features:

  • Lifetime limited transferable warranty*

  • 25-year algae-resistance warranty

  • NailTrak extra-wide nailing area for accurate installation

  • 10-year SureStart™ protection

  • 15-year 110 mph wind-resistance warranty

  • Wind warranty upgrade to 130 mph available.

  • CertainTeed starter and CertainTeed hip and ridge required

In summary, CertainTeed's Landmark shingles strike an excellent balance between aesthetics, durability, performance and price. With their fire resistance rating, multi-layer design, and diverse color options, Landmark shingles are the ideal choice for homeowners seeking a premium roofing option that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

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