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Something you may not know about Solomon

Some of you may not know this, but 7 plus years ago I hired a CFO and a COO to start working on Solomons financial and operational processes to create business sustainability for our future and for our customers. I wanted everyone here at Solomon to be commited to improving our services and products that we bring to you and so we have been sharpening our saw so to speak.

Both of these guys work mainly in the background supporting my managers and field staff and making sure we are servicing you with world class customer service. They have become invaluable to our operation. An example of something initiated by these guys is an “Employee Accountability” program. This truly was a cultural change for our company. Think about it; a construction company talking about integrity, honesty, and accountability. Can you imagine the pushback? Well, there was, for a long time, but, employee accountability ultimately emerged. Great stuff for our company

All of our employees apprecieate having clear expectations of their accountability. I believe our employees are happier, and they perform better on our jobs because of being held accountable for their actions. They embrace a higher standard of accountability because they know that it is what separates them from the other companies you might talk to. Our employee accountability program is responsible for reducing company fleet fuel usage, material and labor waste, reduced confusion of company expectations for employees and even new operational processes for better service.

“We all want you to be our customer for life”

You tell us all of the time how awesome our employees are, which is a reflection of the high standards we feel we have for each of them and, it's also a reflection of the high standards that each of them have accepted for themselves. The Solomon Contracting staff is awsome if you ask me. Thank you for reading this post. Thank you for being a loyal customer.


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