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Why TimberTech Decking is #1

We beleive that TimberTech has unparalleled performance, innovative technology, premium aesthetics – and that’s just the start.

customize your deck with multi colors
TimberTech multi color deck

Living your best life outdoors means having a space that’s durable, low maintenance, and suits your style. TimberTech brings you all three—and more. With the most realistic wood looks on the market, our decking endures year after year without fading, staining, splintering, peeling, cracking, or rotting. And with over 20 finish options across nine collections, you’re sure to find the wood look that’s right for your home.

Leaders in deck design

At Solomon Contracting, we are confident with TimberTech because they are always looking for the next trend in deck design, and creating new colors and finishes homeowners want. From their growing collection of realistic wood grains, textures, and colors to multiwidth options that expand your design potential, you have everything you need to create a unique outdoor space.

Value that lasts

While the initial cost to build with TimberTech boards is typically more expensive than wood, there’s no resurfacing or staining – and your Advanced PVC or Composite deck will last for decades to come – which means long-term savings that will continue to add up year after year.

A more sustainable future

Together with their parent company, AZEK, TimberTech is creating a lasting impact on the world by transforming hundreds of millions of pounds of landfill-bound waste and scrap into TimberTech products each year. While traditional PVC is thought of as an environmentally unfriendly option, TimberTech Advanced PVC has a core made of up to 60% recycled materials and is recyclable again at the end of its long, useful life through AZEK’s FULL-CIRCLE Recycling Program — plus, in the process of manufacturing Advanced PVC, AZEK/TimberTech has become the #1 vertically-integrated recycler of PVC in the US

Here at Solomon Contracting, we don't think there is a better building material partner to have for decking materials. We also believe that offering TimberTech to our clients not only helps the sustainable future of our planet, but it also gives our clients an edge on preventive maintenance by installing a quality maintenance free product that will last for years to come.

Better than the competition

With TimberTechs innovative technology, we believe we are delivering the best aesthetics and performance in the market—plus the largest selection of colors and textures—making TimberTech the right choice for your home. TimberTech decking material scientists engineered the highly durable material to achieve the most realistic wood looks while eliminating the plastic appearance associated with some competitors’ PVC deck boards Also, their proprietary Advanced PVC has greater resistance to fading, staining, and moisture damage than early generation PVC that may weather and lighten over time.


We believe that TimberTech decking products are the best decking products on the market in the St. Louis area today. We install it because we are confident of its quality and it's warranty for our clients. Solomon Contracting installs all types of decks. Treated wood, redwood, cedar, composit decks are out specialty. Whether you need a new deck, a deck resurfacing, porch repairs or post repairs, we extensive experience on how to build and repair your deck.


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